Linda M. Stephens————————————————————————————–


  • NASM CPT and Weight Management Consultant
  • NPC National Figure Competitor
  • Masters in Clinical Nutrition (expected graduation Spring 2013)
  • Scivation Representative




I’m a married mother of two children residing in Fairfield County, Connecticut. Upon graduating from college, I worked on Wall Street for about 15 years in equity sales and trading. I retired after my first child was born. Having always been passionate about health and fitness I decided to become a personal trainer as well as try my hand at figure competing within the National Physique Committee and International Natural Bodybuilding Federation last year. I was extremely successful taking several first place trophies in figure open, masters and the overall winner. This past March I attended and competed in the Arnold Amateur within figure masters and walked away with 4th Place. The entire experience was incredible; from competing to working Jen Hendershott’s booth at the expo to attending the Professional Men and Women’s shows and all the amazing athletes I had the honor of meeting. This year I’m planning on competing in the North American Nationals in Cleveland, Ohio in September. My ultimate goal is to win a pro card within the International Federation of Bodybuilding. I realize this will be a challenge but I have to give it my all and go for it.

I’m currently working towards my master’s degree in clinical nutrition at the University of Bridgeport in Connecticut with an expected graduation of Spring 2013. This is the career that will allow me to assist others in learning how to eat properly and to live healthy happy productive lives. The way we eat has a direct correlation to how we see ourselves and how we want to be seen. If you eat well and exercise daily you’ll exude a certain confidence in everything you do from getting dressed in the morning to speaking in front of groups or just walking down the street. I’m a firm believer in the adage, strong body, strong mind.

So, for now I’ll continue to eat well and train hard for September NPC Nationals while I get ready to start Anatomy & Physiology at the end of April along with raising my children, running my household and building my personal training business! I think that pretty much covers it! Be well.


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