How did you first get started in the bodybuilding/fitness game?

In 2008 I’d finally had enough of trying to workout and loose weight on my own, so I hired a personal trainer because at the age of 27 I should look amazing! After loosing 10lbs from changing me diet alone I wanted to compete in a Figure competition.

Was there a defining moment that got you to start training at a whole different level?

I’d have to say my defining moment was when I liked what I saw In the mirror, but wanted more and wanted to look like a hard body.

What are the top 2 ways you keep motivated?

My goal of being on magazine covers and inspiring others by sheer drive and determination.

In your opinion what is the biggest hurdle you or most people have to overcome in regards to their fitness career and goals?

The biggest hurdle is that people can be very negative toward the fitness way of life, from eating, dieting, wanting to look a certain way. Not having people around you who are supportive can break you.

Why do you think some people are able to overcome this hurdle, but others are not?

Sheer determination, and drive toward goals. Also people are able to reach out to the fitness world where they can get support.

If you had to ratio the importance of training, diet and rest, what would the percentages look like and why? (e.g. 20% training, 30% diet, 30% rest)

Diet 80%, what you feed your body will help build your physique. Training is 65%, you have to put in the work in the gym to gain results. Rest is just as important as training, your body needs to rest and rebuild from your training.

How useful do you think supplements are? Do you use supplements? What is your current top supplement?

I think supplements are very important. My current top supplement is my BCAA’s, I use Chain’d Out by ALR ind.

In general what does your current training routine look like?

Currently I train legs, shoulders, bicep/tricep and chest light, and back rotating and I hit abs 2 times a week.

What is your current diet routine?

Currently I have for meal 1 I have 1.5 cups egg whites with 1/2cup oats. For meals 2-6 I have 4 oz of chicken/fish/turkey and asparagus and broccoli. In meal 2 I include 3 oz  of yams.

How do you feel about ketogenic diets and extreme diets in general?

Keto diets don’t work for me personally, I’ve been put on them in the past. I think anything extreme isn’t healthy and it’s not the something people can do for long periods of time. It becomes unrealistic that any goals you meet when dieting extreme will stay.

How did you get those awesome arms of yours?

I am blessed with good genetics, my arms are my least favorite body part to workout.

If you were to upload your arms to our muscle voting site ( right now, what do you think you would rate?

An 8!

How did/do your family and friends feel about your training?

In the beginning my family was supportive, but superficially. I don’t think they thought this was something that I would stick with. After my first show they became not quite as supportive, making comments about being too skinny; my middle sister still is rude about the food I eat. I lost a LOT of friends when I started training, but I made new supportive friends along the way.

Can you give us a brief summary of your competition history?

May 9, 2009 – Contra Costa Body Building, Figure, Fitness & Bikini Championships

May 23, 2009 – California State Bodybuilding, Figure & Bikini Championships

October 10, 2009 – San Francisco Bodybuilding, Figure & Bikini Championships, -Class A, 4th place

October 17, 2009 – Border States Classic XXX, -Class A, 7th place

November 7, 2009 – NPC Sacramento Bodybuilding, Figure, Fitness & Bikini Championships, -Class A, 5th Place

May 22, 2010 – Contra Costa Body Building, Figure & Bikini Championships, -Class A, 1st place, 2nd Overall

July 31st, 2010 – USA Body Building, Figure & Bikini Championships, Class A, 10th place

June 17/18, 2011 – Jr Nationals Body Building, Figure, Fitness & Bikini Championships

What are your fitness/bodybuilding plans for 2011?

I’m hoping to compete at Nationals in November.

Where do you see yourself in 5 years? 20 years?

In 5 years I see myself as an IFBB figure pro gracing the covers of fitness magazines. In 20 years I hope to be married, with an in home gym, enjoying life and traveling.

The RateMyArms team would like to thank you greatly for taking the time to do this interview. Do you have any last words for our readers?

Thank you for taking the time to read my Interview. I’d like to also tell the readers to keep pushing and towards the goal, the sweat and sacrifice is worth it all!

Photo Credits: Ken Westermann, Dan Ray, Sean kellie, and Weiferd Watts


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