How did you first get started in the bodybuilding and fitness game?

have been athletic all my life. I started gymnastics at age 3 and was competing by age 6. When I was 12 I started to lift weights with my team for gymnastics. I quit gymnastics at 15 because I had stressed fractures in my back and shins and moved on to diving in high school. So ever since I got my drivers license I have been lifting weights on my own. In 2009 I found out through a friend of mine about figure competitions. I saw her transformation and was sold on it as soon as my husband said to go for it.

Was there a defining moment that got you to start training at a whole different level?

The defining moment that got me started was when I hit 167 pound struggling with my weight after I had a total hysterectomy and just had enough with being over weight. I then started to look for a figure trainer.

What are the top 2 ways you keep motivated?

The top 2 ways I stay motivated are by talking to my friends that are figure athletes and looking at the IFBB pros figure competition photos. And also, just looking at myself in the mirror.

In your opinion what is the biggest hurdle you or most people have to overcome in regards to their fitness career and goals?

The biggest hurdle for me to overcome is the diet you have to be on when you are in training. Skipping out on going out with your friends or just doing the 2 a days, which takes you away from family and your social activities.

Why do you think some people are able to overcome this hurdle, but others are not?

I think it is all about motivation why some people are able to overcome this hurdle.

If you had to ratio the importance of training, diet and rest, what would the percentages look like?

The ratio of importance in training I think would be 50% diet, 30%, weights, and 20% rest?

How useful do you think supplements are? Do you use supplements?

I think supplements can be good. I use the more natural supplements when I am in training. Off season I only take my vitamins and protein powder.

In general what does your current training routine look like?

My training right now is not too intense. I have a couple bad rotator cuffs and know for sure that one is torn 60%.

What is your current diet routine?

My current diet routine is just to eat clean with a couple cheat meals during the week.

How do you feel about ketogenic diets and extreme diets in general?

I hold on to fat easy. It is real hard for me to lose fat I think. So I try to stay with a well rounded diet, high in protein and low good fats and cut the carbs closer to the competition.

How did you get those awesome arms of yours?

I think I got my arms through genetics and with being raised in gymnastics.

If you were to upload your arms to our muscle voting site ( right now, what do you think you would rate?

If I was to upload my arms onto the website, I would have to compare mine to others to give myself a rating.

How did/do your family and friends feel about your training?

My family was not too excited at first. They did not really understand everything. They did not like me being gone a lot and not be able to go out to eat. My friends just could not believe I was doing it. When we went to my first competition my family understood and they were thrilled at how well I did. My eight year old son was always interested in going and doing my track workout with me.

Can you give us a brief summary of your competition history?

My first competition was the:
Ronnie Coleman 2010- 1st in masters, and 2nd in figure A
and then went to:
NPC Jr. USAs 2010- 4th Class D

What are your fitness/bodybuilding plans for 2012?

I have not decided what I am going to be doing for 2012. Need to work on getting my shoulders better and getting back on track after my issues with my thyroid first before I decide.

Where do you see yourself in 5 years? 20 years?

I try not to look too far ahead with having a family of 5, husband, son-20 who is in college, daughter-14, and son-8 and I have my own business. My life is always changing and my family will always be my TOP priority.

The RateMyArms team would like to thank you greatly for taking the time to do this interview. Do you have any last words for our readers?

When and if I do compete again I am hoping to compete with my sister Jessica Shiver who I convinced to get into figure competitions this year. She hired my trainer/nutritionist, Cedric Godbolt- BES Nutrition and she placed 3rd in Masters and 5th in Class A at the Europa 2011.

Thank you very much for taking the time and contacting me to do this interview. I think it is really great that you help athletes become known.

Photo Credits: Jeff Binns

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