How did you get started in bodybuilding/fitness?

I would say I started bodybuilding as sport when I started seeing my trainer Kim Oddo. I have always been active as a young adult. I was raised on a ranch, so I have had my share of chores such as cleaning the pens, moving the bales of hay, and building fences. I also participated in Track, Cross-country, and Wrestling.

Was there a defining moment that got you to start training at a whole different level?

YES! I was working as an Auditor in Los Angeles and started to gain weight from all of the long hours and not very much moving. I realized that I was only truly happy when I was in the gym and longed to get back in to a healthy lifestyle and routine.

What are the top 2 ways you keep motivated?

The things that keep me motivated are: first, my health and second my goal of being the best I can be. I am very competitive with myself and I love to have a challenge. I am one of those people that will be at the end of their run and say “OK. Is that all you have? And then of course I will sprint until my side hurts” haha I know a little weird. Furthermore, deciding on a show is a great way to set a goal and have a time line. A set show is a great goal and adds to my motivation.

What was the biggest hurdle you had to overcome in your bodybuilding/fitness career/goal thus far?

The biggest hurdle is getting started. The hardest thing is starting a new routine, eating the same foods, finding foods that are healthy and taste good, and sticking to it until it becomes second nature. Now I am able to wake up, throw on my gym clothes and I’m out the door by 4:45am heading to the gym. Before I had a routine I would always put things off. Example: Oh, I will run extra tomorrow or I am still sore so I should let my body rest. Now there are NO EXCUSES!

"...there are NO EXCUSES!"

In your opinion what is the hardest part about being a bodybuilder/fitness model/competitor?

I would say the hardest part of being a fitness competitor is just that “BEING” a fitness competitor. It is not something you can just do now and then. It is an everyday, every hour, and every second way of life. It is a life style/mind set and one I am proud I am able to do.

If you had to ratio the importance of training, diet and rest, what would the percentages look like and why? (E.g. 20% training, 30% diet, 40% rest)

I would say it is 60% HEART, 20% diet, 10% training, 9% rest/sleep and 1% lip gloss (haha. I am a woman you know). I feel the most important thing is to have HEART which is the desire, passion, and mental mind set. You have to “want-it” in order to live this lifestyle and compete as an athlete. I have a saying that I love: “I have to push myself farther than others expect”. Think about it. Only you can make your muscles grow or sprint at your top speed. Someone cannot make you do that even if it is the best trainer in the world. In the sport of bodybuilding it is like the ad says in the magazines “It’s YOU against YOU”.

How useful do you think supplements are? Do you use supplements? What is your current top supplement?

Yes, I do use supplements because I believe they DO work. I am currently taking the MRM supplement brand. I take their Beyond basics, smart blend, and digest-all, protein-Dutch chocolate, ALA, L-Carnatine. I also take supplements from BodybyO which are the Pre-workout, post-workout, glutamine, and immune booster.

What is your current training routine?

I am currently doing Glute work about three times a week. As in every division, the place winners usually have the best “back-sides” and bikini is no different. As for the rest of the muscle groups I do circuit training for my lower body and upper body. Furthermore, I am a curvy woman to start with so cardio is a must for me. I run a lot outside and also do track work for my cardio sessions.

What is your current diet routine?

LOTS OF FISH!!! I think I have gills by now!! Haha. I eat 6 portioned meals a day. Egg whites and oats in the morning, and for the remainder of my meals it is fish, asparagus, and almonds. I do have yams at lunch as well which I really enjoy.

How did you get those awesome arms?

Well, I grew up on a ranch so ranch duties such as shoveling manure and building fences started my arm development out. Then I also wrestled for 5 years, one year of freestyle wrestling and 4 years of high school collegian wrestling.

Who is your favorite fitness model/bodybuilder? (other than yourself!)

Geez, do I have to pick one? There are so many amazing bodybuilders out there, but if I had to pick a few I would say: Monica Brant, Arnold Schwarzenegger, and Ronnie Coleman. I LOVE their mental mind-set. These competitors were always positive and always pushed themselves to the limit. They are true role models.

Describe what you see when you look at yourself in the mirror!

I see a healthy, strong, beautiful, intelligent, and accomplished woman.

If you could tell a fitness newbie just one sentence of advice, what would it be?

Be who you are, but the absolute BEST version of you!

What is your favorite workout song?

Well, I LOVE to dance, so music and I are like one ;) Here are a few songs that are on my IPod right now:

G6, Eye of the Tiger, Blow the Whistle, Circus, Hustlin’ (Remix), Fighter, and Till I Collapse.

"I feel the most important thing is to have HEART which is the desire, passion, and mental mind set."

Favorite quote?

Whether you think you can or think you can’t – you are right. ~Henry Ford

Best type of cardio?

HIIT at the track. It is all about sprints, stairs, jump squats, and high-knees. :D

How do you feel about ketogenic diets?

Well for medical reasons it serves a purpose; however, for training I like to use a more balanced diet.

If you were to upload your arms to our muscle voting site ( right now, what do you think you would rate?

Depends on what the criteria are and the people that are judging. I personally would give them a 100%. Yep, I am proud :)

What do you like to do outside of training and dieting?

I love to laugh and dance. Comedy movies are a must in my house. Oh and yes I will bust-out in-to random dance moves throughout the day.

What is the dumbest thing you have done or witnessed in the gym?

Well, I must say I am in the gym a lot so I have seen some crazy things. Here are a few things I have seen:

Working out without shoes
Climbing on top of equipment. Yes, on top of the equipment.
Bad form
Really bad form
Drinking coffee and lifting
Eating and lifting
People busting-out with random dance moves…..Oh wait, that’s me. haha

What is your favorite body part to train? Your least favorite?

My favorite part to train is my glutes and my glutes are also my least favorite thing to train. It is at times frustrating, but when I see results I am ecstatic!


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