How did you first get started in the bodybuilding/fitness game?

My journey into the world of fitness started with walking into a gym to take control of my body. After years of poor eating habits I found that the body I was in was void of muscle tone, squishy and just not healthy! I quickly started to see results and didn’t miss a workout! I found my new love and passion!

Was there a defining moment that got you to start training at a whole different level?

The wonderful thing about this sport is that it is constantly evolving! There is always something new to learn or try to bump up your game! I had decided to compete at a figure novice event in my city. Not knowing about diet, stage presentation, and posing I trained and competed in the show based on info that I had gathered on my own! I didn’t finish last lol, but I knew that I had SO much to learn! Competing was a way to challenge myself and bring up my body to the next level! I hired my trainer Darren Mehling and started training for my next show! The second show I competed in, I placed first overall, receiving my Pro Card for Fitness Model!

What are the top 2 ways you keep motivated?

I keep motivated by surrounding myself with amazing inspiring people! I have an awesome network, wonderful friends and a supportive family that pushes me to be the best that I can be! The second way I keep motivated is visualizing the changes I am making in my body, to know that the next time I step on stage will be better than my last. That itself keeps me motivated to see the results!

In your opinion what is the biggest hurdle you or most people have to overcome in regards to their fitness career and goals?

I believe that you have to believe in YOURSELF! This industry requires a thick skin, and if you fall prey to self doubt it will only hurt you and your goals! If you don’t believe in yourself, then who will?

Why do you think some people are able to overcome this hurdle, but others are not?

"If you give up to easily or let fear hold you back you won't make it!" - Photo By: Michael Neveux

Drive and determination are a big factor. Some people have a stronger will to succeed when it comes to “fight or flight”. If you give up to easily or let fear hold you back you won’t make it!

If you had to ratio the importance of training, diet and rest, what would the percentages look like and why? (e.g. 20% training, 30% diet, 30% rest)

Nutrition is first and foremost out of the three, so I will place that at 60%. Your efforts in the gym will be lost if you still consume junk and processed foods, eat late at night or miss your meals! Training and rest I feel are equally important! The time you put into the gym and your workout is precious, you have a window of opportunity to make it all count. If you spend most of your time on your phone resting too long and not keeping up the intensity, consider yourself a weekend warrior and move out of the way so someone else can use that piece of equipment! Rest, as before mentioned, is just as important. I think over-training happens a lot more than what we think and the importance of letting your body heal needs to be emphasized. Elevated heart rates and poor sleep are just some of the signs of over training! Getting a full sleep and taking advantage of naps are a great way to recharge the body! To ensure I am getting a good rest I always take my ZMA before bed!

How useful do you think supplements are? Do you use supplements? What is your current top supplement?

I believe supplements have their place! When you have the opportunity to harness a proven supplement as an aid in training, I’m all for it! Currently I use Magnum Nutraceuticals as my supplement line and they cover the whole spectrum! From their Quattro Four Stage Release Protein to their Performance Edge Greens and Phytoberry! Magnum’s DNA is my favorite supplement, it’s a BCAA Blend which promotes healthy mass by inhibiting protein breakdown during exercise! It also encourages muscle recovery during exercise, which is so important to me when I need to keep up in my high intensity workouts!

"The time you put into the gym and your workout is precious, you have a window of opportunity to make it all count." - Photo By: Michael Neveux

In general what does your current training routine look like?

Monday: Legs/Plyos

Tuesday: Shoulders

Wednesday: Arms

Thursday: Rest Day

Friday: Chest/plyos

Saturday: Back

(abs are three times a week)

What is your current diet routine?

I eat five meals a day with a balance of slow digesting carbs and lots of green veggies! Chicken, white fish and beef are my main sources of protein!

How do you feel about ketogenic diets and extreme diets in general?

My last show I followed a diet that was about as extreme as I have ever done! My only source of carbs were two rice cakes post workout! At first I was nervous about it, you tend to think “diet brain” will set in real bad! I was actually impressed with how much energy I had! Everyone is different. There are people who are pro and anti ketogenic. Working with a professional in that area to find out what works best for YOU is important. Not what the next person is doing!

How did you get those awesome arms of yours?

I think I have my parents to thank for the most part! Thanks Mom and Dad! I get a lot of compliments on my arms, it’s nice to see that hard work does pay off!

How did/do your family and friends feel about your training?

As I mentioned before I have a VERY supportive family and network of friends. Some of those friendships stemming back from my high school days and as recent as my new friends here in Vancouver! My friends love asking me questions about nutrition and training and I’m always happy to help them out!

What are your fitness/bodybuilding plans for 2011?

World domination? Joking aside, I am releasing my eBook soon; titled The BFF Guide (Best Fitness Friend Guide), it will be an essential guide book for those starting out in the industry or those who are already in it but haven’t found the answers to the questions they were searching for! My eBook will be available on my website! I will also be starting my prep for the WBFF BC Championships in May here in Vancouver! I am a long time Fitness Model Competitor with Paul Dillett’s WBFF and God willing this will be the year I earn my Pro Card with them! I have some other things in the work that I am very excited about, but cannot disclose information until the contracts have all be signed! ;)

Where do you see yourself in 5 years? 20 years?

In five years I plan on having a stronger position behind the scenes helping others succeed with their goals! I am in the position where I have been in this industry for so long now I feel the need to focus more on sharing my success and help with others and pass on what I have learned. In 20 years I will be nearing the age of retirement lol, but I do not see myself ever leaving this industry. Bodybuilding and Fitness Competitions, diet and training is something that weaves people from all walks of life together. When you pick up a weight for the first time, it will forever run in your blood. In 20 years I will like to have a hard copy book published, and while not vacationing in the tropics, be speaking to young people in schools about proper health and nutrition, anti bullying, and of course…going after your dreams!

Who is your favorite fitness model/bodybuilder? (other than yourself!)

I’m sure if there was a dollar for every time someone said it’s Jamie Eason……that girl walks the walk and talks the talk! She is the epitome of integrity and hard work!

Describe what you see when you look at yourself in the mirror every morning!

I see someone who knows her purpose on this earth.

If you could tell a fitness noob just one sentence of advice, what would it be?

Hire a reputable trainer! The results will come faster when you have someone to be accountable to!

What is your all time favorite workout song?

Mostly it’s not songs, but I download podcasts from Tiesto, Armin Van Buuren, Above and Beyond and Cosmic Gate!

What is your favorite quote?

“Strength does not come from winning. Your struggles develop your strengths. When you go through hardships and decide not to surrender, that is strength.” ~ Arnold

What is your favorite cheat meal?

I have a couple, but I would have to say my Mom’s perogies!

If you were to upload your arms to our muscle voting site ( right now, what do you think you would rate?

Hmmm let’s say if your readers are nice….a 7? LOL

Outside of training and dieting how do you like to spend your time?

I enjoy taking advantage of the mild weather here on the west coast. I love rollerblading through Stanley Park along the seawall and relaxing on the beach at English Bay! Going for sushi is a really cheap thing to do here since it’s so readily available, so that’s always a good night out!

What is the dumbest thing you yourself have done or witnessed in the gym?

I have seen girls on the elliptical machine barely going fast chugging back a gatorade.

Photo By: David Ford

What is your favorite body part to train? What about your least favorite?

I have got rid of the “least favorite” and “favorite” mentality when it comes to training! I look forward to training all areas. I have often found that those who have a least favorite body part are often the ones that are lagging! Learn to embrace and enjoy training each body part equally and see the difference!

What is the one question you hate hearing the most? (e.g how much do you bench?)

When do I get to eat real food….

The RateMyArms team would like to thank you greatly for taking the time to do this interview. Do you have any last words for our readers?

Thank you so much for also taking the time to interview me for your site! I just want to let them know to come see me at the Arnold Expo! I will be at my sponsor Magnum Nutraceuticals booth and to also stop by my other sponsor, SmartShake’s booth!

You can find out more about me at:, and


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