How did you first get started in the bodybuilding and fitness industry?

My mom and I both started working out, and decided to do our first show together. She did figure, and I did bikini! It was an amazing experience, and I am still hooked!

What are the top 2 or 3 ways you keep yourself motivated?

I like to look at different fitness blogs and find motivational pictures or saying that speak to me. I post them on my fridge, my bathroom mirror, and my wallpaper on my laptop! I have so many friends in the fitness industry, so just looking at their pictures on Facebook, and even Pinterest, gets me excited to get to the gym

In your opinion what is the biggest hurdle you or most people have to overcome in regards to their fitness career and goals?

DEDICATION!! People think that they can workout 2 days a week and they are going to get a great body, but fitness is a definite lifestyle, and needs to be lived 24/7/365

How useful do you think supplements are? Do you use supplements?

What is your current top supplement? Everybody’s body is different, so it’s hard to tell someone what supps to take. What might be great for one person, might not work for the other. I have a hard time building muscle, so I always have my protein powder (Carnivor- fruit punch), and creatine (tokyo) available. When getting ready for a show, I add in glutamine (Beverly International), and lean out (Beverly International)

In general what does your current training routine look like?

I am still fighting adrenal fatigue, so my workout days vary depending on how I’m feeling that day. I try to weight train 4-5 days a week, and box/run 2 x a week. If you’re in a gym on a Sunday though, you will find me doing legs! Sunday funday = leg day for me! ( I’m a little crazy :)

How do you feel about ketogenic diets and extreme diets in general?

When getting ready for a show, I do cut my carbs extremely low. It helps me to lose those last few pounds. I think that kind of diet is ok for a few weeks, but definitely not a long term way of dieting. Extreme diets freak me out. I have a degree in surgical assisting, and I feel that these crazy diets are just not healthy, in any way.

How did/do your family and friends feel about your training?

My family and boyfriend have been behind me 100%. I could not ask for a better support system. My boyfriend thinks its funny to eat pizza in front of me while dieting, but he has stood by my side, and even goes to posing practice with me, and helps me pick out new competition bikinis!

Can you give us a brief summary of your competition history?

First show ever- Natural Ohio 2009- 2nd place, Mike Francois 2009-4th place, Natural Northern 2009, 3rd place class B, North Americans 2009- 6th place class D, West Coast Classic 2010, 3rd place, class C

What are your fitness/bodybuilding plans for 2012?

I am crossing my fingers that my adrenal has fully healed, and I can get in 1 show this year, probably the Natural Northern in Lakewood Ohio

Where do you see yourself in 5 years? 20 years?

5 years- I hope to start a family, be settled in my career, and still competing! In 20 years, I hope I will be that hot grandma who competes in masters bikini!!

Who is your favorite fitness model or bodybuilder?(other than yourself!)

Definitely Jay Cutler! I met him backstage at the West coast classic. He is such a cool guy, and even brought his dog with him!

What did your physique look like before you started training?

I was a gymnast for most of my life before training to compete, so I did have some muscle, and familiarity in the gym, but my goal was, and still is, to put on some muscle!

Do you feel that you are treated differently because of your physique and fitness goals?

Definitely. People constantly ask me what I’m eating, since I’m usually sporting chicken, sweet potatoes, and a gallon jug of water. People either respect me for the lifestyle I have made, or make fun it. It is a lifestyle, and some people just don’t understand it

What is your favorite quote?

“Anything worth fighting for does not come easy.” This applies to training, competing and life in general. People now a days, want the easy way out of everything, but if you want it bad enough, you have to work for it

What is your favorite cheat meal?

Definitely my Mom’s chicken paprikash! So yummy!

Outside of training and dieting how do you like to spend your time?

I love to travel, especially somewhere warm with a beach, read, and try out new recipes in the kitchen!

What is your favorite body part to train?

What about your least favorite? I have a love hate relationship with legs. I hate training them, but love love love the soreness afterwards!! lol

The RateMyArms team would like to thank you greatly for taking the time to do this interview.

Thank you for contacting me! I’m a huge fan of the site!!

Photo Credits: Dan Ray

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