How did you first get started in the bodybuilding and fitness industry?

I started working out with weights when Cory Everson was Ms Olympia! I loved her show and was totally impressed with her physique. I had a desire to compete ‘just once’ but never had the guidance or direction. I kept weight training while I started my family and eventually became a Spinning Instructor. Soon after I went through a divorce and thought I could better utilize my time and energy to cope through a focused goal. I met a trainer and began my first contest prep in March 2004 ~ competed in my first show September 2004.

What are the top 2 or 3 ways you keep yourself motivated?

Typically when I train others for shows I can keep motivated to use my efforts wisely. Always when scheduling a show and having a goal in mind its much easier to stay focused on that goal. I often think ‘In X amount of time I am going to be onstage in front of 100s of people in a bikini’ ~ that pretty much sums it up for me!

If you had to ratio the importance of training, diet and rest, what would the percentages look like. And why? (e.g. 20% training, 30% diet, 30% rest)

I think everyone is a little different here. For me ..Diet is 80% by far. My body responds well and quickly to training ~ but if my diet is slightly off I will not make the improvements I desire. As I get older I realize that rest is very high up on the list too ~ it seems that when you are lacking rest ~ the whole world turns upside down. I was actually told that by my nutritionist last year during prep.

How useful do you think supplements are? Do you use supplements? What is your current top supplement?

The only supplement I take is About Time protein ~ BCAAs and Glutamine during prep. I will drink shakes in off season for convenience or just because I like them. But I am definitely not a supplement person.

In general what does your current training and diet routine look like?

My direction towards training has changed a bit as I am getting a little more into powerlifting. But I do train 5 days per week covering each body part once. I try to get in at least 30-45 min cardio everyday or switch up and kick up the notch to HIIT for at least 20 miinutes.

If you were to upload your arms to our muscle voting site ( right now, what do you think you would rate?

I think I would rate fairly well! I have decent sized arms for a middle aged woman!

How did/do your family and friends feel about your training?

My family and friends are very supportive! My dad carries a photo album from all my shows around with him.

Can you give us a brief summary of your competition history?

  • Started competing in 2004 – Won the Open Womens Bodybuilding
  • 2006 – WNBF Pro Card – INBF SuperNatural Buffalo
  • 2006 – WNBF Ms International Heavyweight – Kansas City, KS
  • 2008 – WNBF 2nd Place Pro American – Boston, MA
  • 2008 – WNBF 4th Place Pro MidAm – Evansville, IN
  • 2010 – 3rd Place Masters Pro SuperNatural – Buffalo, NY
  • 2011 – Ms Masters Pro Supernatural – Buffalo, NY
  • 2011 – Ms MidAmerican Pro – Evansville, IN
  • 2011 – 4th Place Pro American Masters – Boston, MA
  • 2011 – 7th Place WNBF Worlds NYC

Where do you see yourself in 5 years? 20 years?

Five years …I plan on still competing in bodybuilding shows…as well as powerlifting. In 10 years …I will still be judging and promoting and being more of an assistant to newbies!

Who is your favorite fitness model or bodybuilder? (other than yourself!)

Still to this day Cory Everson.

Describe what you see when you look at yourself in the mirror every morning!

Haha..that depends on off season or IN season! But ..honestly I do feel I am a grounded woman, who has made a great life for myself and my children with the help of bodybuilding and I am proud of my accomplishments.

Do you feel that you are treated differently because of your physique and fitness goals?

Yes ..sometimes good and sometimes bad. Overall I think many feel my achievements are admirable and the dedication to myself is prevailing.

What is your all time favorite workout song?

Triumph – Magic Power ~ its great for spinning, squatting, anything. So much energy!

What do you feel is the best type of cardio for yourself and why?

For myself it is running, although I hate it. But it really helps develop my quads!

What is your favorite cheat meal?

I would say Mexican. Chips / salsa and anything else!Outside of training and dieting how do you like to spend your time?

I love football, shopping, dining out and traveling.

What is your favorite body part to train? What about your least favorite?

Favorite is definitely legs ~ least favorite is biceps!

What is the one question you hate hearing the most? (e.g how much do you bench?)

I have several:

  • “Do you want to arm wrestle?” – I don’t!
  • “Do you eat plain chicken and broccoli all day” – I don’t.
  • “When do you water deplete for show” – I don’t.

The RateMyArms team would like to thank you greatly for taking the time to do this interview. Do you have any last words or advise for our readers?

Thank you for this opportunity. I would love to see the growth of female natural bodybuilding. There is such a stigma to female bodybuilder that just isn’t true. I wish people could see what goes on backstage at the natural shows and realize just how many friendship are formed, even in such a competitive environment. I am very happy with the path I have chosen post-divorce.

Photo Credits: Eugene Ring and Jordan Samuel Photography