Author: Linda Stephens There are two misconceptions that I experience as a personal trainer. The first one is that most women feel they need to do cardio for countless hours day in and day out in order to stay “long and lean”. The other misconception that’s expressed to me by many women is that they don’t want to lift heavy weights for fear of becoming bulky and “too big”. I’d like to address the later first if I may. As [...]

Author: Diane Mueller “So I ask a guy for a spot at the gym. After my set he says, “Nice! What do you use?” Exhausted, I say, “Willpower.” Guy says, “Hmm… Never heard of that one. Can I find it on” And I said, “Nah, you can’t buy it, it’s something you have deep down inside you.” Seriously… Did this conversation just happen…?? Wow!!” ~ My facebook status from February 29, 2012; not exactly grammatically correct, but it told [...]

Author: Diane Mueller How much thought do you put into your day-to-day actions? Do you go around preaching human kindness to others, while acting in a completely different manner in your personal life? Most people consider their choice of words greatly when dealing with others, but fail to use the same diligence with their body language and actions in their daily lives. Make sure you’re thoughtful and genuine with your words and your actions. Always remember, words can uplift, heal, [...]

CONTEST PREP As I sit here at my laptop smack dab in the middle of my contest preparation for North American Nationals over Labor Day in Cleveland, OH I ponder what I should write about for my next article.  Then it hits me!  I’ll write about my contest preparation. I’ve been training extremely hard since late March of this year.  My goal has been to add size to my shoulders, back, gluteus maximus and hamstrings.  I’ve been dead lifting and [...]

Author: Linda Stephens Being a fit and forty something woman I get approached by many other women of the same demographic asking me how I stay in shape and what my diet is like. When I tell them of my workout schedule and my clean eating regime I usually get interesting looks and many say “I could never do that!” and I always come back with “why not?!” They usually answer saying something like, “I don’t have time to workout” [...]